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In today’s complex world, international trade is a highly specialized area. One of the important aspects of international trade is to provide the commercial services to the respectable businessmen in the country of origin and destinations. Having certain knowledge, experience, domination on the international trade rules, Incoterms and also the local regulations of trade partner countries is necessary for the trade work. Acquaintance of the rules & regulations of countries customs, process of entrance & exit of goods from customs, and also the process of investment, attract & support of investors by the governments is a requirement for the trade work which Lotus Star is ready to provide such services.

We are professional dealing with Iran and at the moment we are exporting many Iranian-origin materials/products to worldwide. Our main intention is to offer relevant services to our clients and cooperators based on their requirements and demands. Some of them have mentioned in OUR PARTNERS section.

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Whatever you need to import in order to grow your business LOTUS STAR experts are ready to be your source finder and do bargaining for you. It is just up to you to compare our quotations and others. Send us your RFP letter and full details of your intended product and we will do our best to fulfill your requirements.


Our Partners

Business Associates

Considering the good history and valuable experience resulted from years of export and import activities and the confidence of domestic producers in the Lotus Star Trading Company, this company has also obtained the brokerage, agent of companies and contract license for the marketing and export of domestic products. Due to the commercial and financial relations with domestic producers, better conditions in terms of price is provided for us. ‏Therefore, with the knowledge of international markets, we have decided to prioritize the requirements of the neighboring countries in order to meet their needs in the product group with the creation of a professional team. ‏Definitely, the development of cooperation with domestic companies and factories is on the agenda of this company and we are trying our best to introduce and export Iranian goods and promote our beloved homeland. List of our Business Partners:

  1. Bijan Food Industries
  2. Kambiz Food Industry
  3. Chinood food products
  4. Pile Scarf Factory
  5. Azar Shams Macaron
  6. Altayeboon General Trading Co.
  7. Abadeh Cement Co.
  8. Goldate Factory
  9. Elam Cement Co.
  10. Shams International Transport Co.


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